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Contract/Toll Milling & Grinding of Grains & Whole Spices

Karibu Milling mills a variety of whole spices and grains using our in-house modern stone milling technology. However, we understand that you may have your own grains or whole spices that you need to have milled. This is where Karibu Milling’s contract milling service comes in. You send us the grains or whole spices and we will mill/grind the material and ship it back to you. Click here to find out more about toll and contract milling
  • Stone Milling
  • Hammer Milling
  • Spice Grinding
  • Spice, Flour, Grain and Seed Blending
  • Spice, Flour, Grain and Seed Roasting
For over 20 years, Karibu Milling, have provided high quality spice grinding and stone milling services to Australia’s leading Wholesalers, Bakers and Food Manufacturers on a contract & toll service basis.

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